How To Reduce CPU Temperature | 4 Effective Ways

Your CPU is responsible for making your PC or laptop work efficiently. This part is the essential component of your computer because, without the CPU, there is no system. The processor’s temperature is very high because it is working in an environment where it is directly exposed to heat. This can cause the processor to overheat, which can cause damage and lead to system failure. 

And If you don’t keep the temperature of your computer under control, your laptop may face specific issues like slow booting, and it can also break down.

But as you’re here, it makes sense that you’re looking for how to reduce CPU temperature? Other than that, there might be chances that your computer is getting very hot? If yes, you have come to the right place because, in this article, I will tell you how to lower CPU temp Windows 10 probably using OS 10. So, if you want to save your computer or laptop, then follow these simple steps.

How To Reduce CPU Temperature? Here is Short Answer!

The best way to lower the CPU temperature is to install a CPU cooler. The cooler is a device that helps to extract heat from the processor. The fan will dissipate the heat, and the fan is attached to the heat sink that is attached to the processor. This is the easiest way to overcome this problem. But I researched and found other ways to reduce CPU temperature.

How to check CPU temperature?

To check the temperature of your CPU, you need to open the task manager and then click on the Process tab. The process tab will show the CPU temperature and also the percentage of the maximum temperature that your processor has reached. If the processor reaches more than 60 degrees Celsius, you need to lower the processor’s temperature.

4 Effective Ways To Reduce Your Computer’s CPU Temperature

So, I have come up with a list of 4 effective ways to reduce your computer’s CPU temperature in a short time. Here are the 4 effective ways to reduce your computer’s CPU temperature:

Cooling Your Computer’s CPU:

There are many methods that you can use to cool down your CPU. But some people don’t prefer the method of heating because they think it will cause damage to their system. If you don’t want to get heated, then the first thing that you should do is to open your system and see whether there is any device connected to the fan or not. If there is no device connected to the fan, you should disconnect it from the fan.

If you have a laptop, you need to check the fan position and disconnect it from the fan if it has been connected to the bottom. After doing this step, close your system and wait for 30 seconds. Open the system again, and if the fan is still working properly, then there is nothing wrong with your CPU. The reason behind this is that when you open your system, the fan starts working to cool down the CPU, but if it is connected to the bottom, it may affect your CPU’s cooling.

Reducing The Number Of Processes:

That Is Running On Your Computer This is the second most effective way to reduce your computer’s CPU temperature. The reason behind this is that if the number of processes is high, it will keep on heating up, and the CPU will be overworked and it will increase its temperature. The best method that I have used to lower my CPU temperature is to disable all the unwanted processes. You can use the task manager to check the number of processes running in your system and disable them one by one.

Reducing The Number Of Programs Running On Your Computer:

If you want to cool down your system quickly, you should reduce the number of programs running. You can do this by using a “Process Explorer” program. It is an advanced tool that allows you to check the number of processes running on your computer. It will show you the number of processes running, and if you want to close them, then you can click on the “close” button next to them. You can also see the list of the program that is running on your system by clicking on the “details” button. By doing this, you will be able to reduce the number of processes running on your system, and your CPU temperature will decrease.

Using An Antivirus:

The least effective method that I have used to reduce my computer’s CPU temperature is using an antivirus. If you are not using an antivirus on your system then it may cause damage to your computer. An antivirus is a software that will check all the files and programs running on your system. It will scan all the programs and files that you have installed, and if there is any virus or malware, then it will delete them. I am sure that you are already familiar with the name of the antivirus, but if you are not, then I recommend you to use the Avast Free Antivirus because it has a lot of features.

How to Reduce CPU Temperature While Gaming?

A lot of people will ask me how to reduce CPU temperature while gaming and something like; CPU 90 degrees while gaming. The CPU is the heart of your PC, and it needs to work in a cool environment so that it doesn’t overheat. Here are the top 8 methods that will help you to reduce CPU temperature.

  1. Reduce fan speed It is one of the easiest methods to reduce CPU temperature. If you are using an old computer, you need to slow down the fans. You can use a program called SpeedFan, it will show you how to control the fan speed by clicking on the slider and telling you the optimal temperature for your CPU.
  2. Use a cooler. If your CPU is too hot, then you should look for a cooler. There are so many types of coolers available, and you need to choose the one that suits your needs. It will make sure that your computer will work in a cooler environment and it will reduce the temperature.
  3. Use a cooling pad A cooling pad can be used for both laptops and desktops. If you are using a laptop, you should look for a cooling pad with a high-quality motor.
  4. Install a heatsink When it comes to CPUs, there are so many types of heatsinks available, but you need to choose the one that suits your needs. It will work as a radiator that will cool your CPU.
  5. Use liquid cooling It is unnecessary to use a fan or a cooler to keep your computer cool. You need to use liquid cooling, which will be installed on your motherboard. This type of cooling is easy to install, and it will make sure that your computer will run cool and stable.
  6. Install a new fan If you don’t like the looks of a cooling pad or heatsink, then you should look for a new fan. There are so many fans available in the market, and you should look for one that suits your needs. It will be much better if you are looking for an aftermarket fan.
  7. Install a case fan If you don’t like liquid cooling or fans, then you can install a case fan. This will help you to reduce the temperature inside your computer.
  8. Check motherboard temperature. If you want to keep your CPU cool, then you need to check the motherboard temperature. You should check it regularly to know how hot the motherboard is working. If it is too hot, then you need to install a cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes high CPU temperature?

In most cases, the overheating is not because of the CPU itself, but the fans and the heat sinks. Overheating starts when the CPU is running at a higher speed than normal, and the fans are shut off. The fans are responsible for taking the heat away from the CPU, but when the fans are not working well, the heat starts to build up in the CPU, eventually causing it to overheat.

The heat sinks are responsible for transferring the heat from the CPU to the outside, and it works very similarly to the radiator in a car. If you have an old computer, it will start to show signs of overheating, such as random freezes, restarting, and blue screens.

How to reduce CPU temperature while gaming laptops?

The most important factor in determining CPU temperature is the CPU load, not the load of other components. So the key is to reduce CPU load. You could try the following things: Turn off unnecessary services. Some services are not required to play games, and disable them to reduce CPU load. At last, you should consider a gaming laptop cooling pad, and believe me, this will help you a lot to reduce CPU temperature.


It is unnecessary to face these problems if you follow these 4 simple tips, but if you still face any problems, you can take your computer to the authorized service center. If you face any other problem, you can contact our customer care number and get a free solution for your problem.

While many people believe that overclocking is the best way to reduce CPU temperature, this is not the case. The best way to reduce CPU temperature is to use a CPU cooler, such as an air cooler or a liquid cooling system. The computer’s cooling system is one of the things that will determine the life of your computer, so it is important to take good care of it.