How To Move Game From HDD To SSD – 3 Simple Methods

In the world of games, having huge storage is a necessity. That is why there is a need to move games from HDD (Hard Disk Drives) to SSD (Solid State Drives). HDDs are cheaper than SSDs, but SSDs are faster and more power-efficient than HDDs. You can easily transfer your games to an SSD when you run out of space on your HDD or hard drive. Is An SSD Good For Gaming?

In case if you’re facing lags during booting up your game and want to boot up programs and games rapidly, you must be looking to know how to move game from HDD to SSD.

Do you know: Gaming computers use SSD storage to install games setup and heavy-duty programs in order to get quick boot up and performance? Almost every PC builder uses SSD storage, and now in 2023, it’s common. Does The SSD Get Hot?

How to move the game from HDD to SSD – 3 Simple Methods

The followings are some of the important methods:

Steam library manager:

You will see the steam library manager option when you open the main interface. To move a game from an HDD to SSD, simply drag it and drop it. Will SSD Reduce High Disk Usage?

App migration:

Then you need to select the “App migration transfer mode” and click “start“. Then you can pick the games you want to transfer and select the drive that contains them. Now you need to click the triangle icon to move the games to SSD, the targeted location.


You can simply cut/copy and paste the selected games into the new drive, or you can just reinstall your software. Now you just need to change the default location for your games in the settings. Will A Laptop Hard Drive Work On A Desktop?

Frequently Asked Questions

How to move nonsteam games from HDD to SSD:


Steam games have their own supporting guide to help players move games to other drives, but unfortunately, nonsteam games do not have such a facility for the user.

You can move nonsteam games from HDD to SSD as follows:

1) Go to settings and click “Applications” to see the installed applications

2) Select the game you wish to move and click “Move” to confirm the transfer

Note: This method is not suitable for every game. Only those games that have been downloaded from the Microsoft store can be transferred.

How to move games from HDD to SSD Windows 10:

It is very easy to move games to a new drive or folder in Windows 10.

1) Open Windows 10 settings> apps> apps and features.

2) then transfer the selected game by clicking the “Move” button to move it to any drive.

How to move games from HDD to SSD steam:

Steam games can now easily be moved from HDD to SSD in the recent update. And this process will save you from redownloading the game all over the game.

For transferring the games, you’ll need to follow the following steps:

1) Click steam> settings. Select the “downloads” and click Steam library folder button

2) Select the drive where you would like to add the library folder by clicking on “Add Library Folder“.

In this way, a steam library folder on the second drive will be created, and now you’ll need to move the steam games into the SSD drive. The following steps should be followed;

1) Right-click on the Steam library and select “Properties“.

2) In the Local files tab click the move installed folder“. And in this way, the steam library folder will be moved to the SSD drive by clicking the Move folder button.

As a result, Steam will transfer files from one drive to another. Adding more files is as simple as repeating these steps.

Now, whenever you install a game, Steam will always require your permission in which folder you want to install the game, but now you also know how to transfer games.

How to move the game from HDD to SSD origin:

If you love games, you will know the word “Origin“. The platform allows you to purchase and play a wide range of games. And with more and more games downloaded leads to the space shortage.

In the case of origin games, you cannot just copy/cut, or paste the games. So how is this transfer possible? Here are the following steps to follow:

  1. Move origin games by origin client.
  2. Move origin games by the steam mover.

1) Move origin games by origin client:

The games can be moved from HDD to SSD without downloading or reinstalling them. To do so, you’ll need to follow the following steps;

  • Step 1: Start the Origin client, click the ‘Origin’ icon in the top toolbar, and select ‘Application Settings’.
  • Step 2: To select a new location, click on the ‘Change folder‘ option after clicking on ‘install and save’.
  • Step 3: Click on the SSD drive where you want your original games to go. After creating a folder and naming it, close the origin client.

Step 4: Locate the installation folder of the Origin game previously selected. Then choose Cut from the menu to move the folder. Come to the new folder you’ve created and paste it there. Wait for a few minutes and the games will be transferred there.

This is an easy process, and you can download more games to the new location.

And of course, this is not the only way of transferring origin games from HDD to SSD.

2) Move origin games by steam mover:

In order to transfer games from one library folder to another, you’ll need third-party software. Originally, Steam mover was designed to free up some space on your client by moving downloaded games. And luckily, we can also move origin games from steam mover by the following steps;

Step 1: Steam mover software can be downloaded from the internet and installed on your computer.

Step 2: Locate the folder that contains all your Origin games. Choosing the newly created game library folder on the right is where you will move your games.

Step 3: Click the blue arrow in the bottom left-hand corner of the game you want to move.

After this, a new command prompt window will appear, which will show the progress of the copy, and when this is finished, your selected games will be successfully transferred to the new location. In this way, you can play your origin games with ease in the origin client.

How to move games from HDD to SSD Xbox:

First of all, connect your hard drive to Xbox. A notification will appear on the screen confirming that the drive is connected. Now to move games from Xbox to your external drive, you should follow the steps mentioned below;

  1. Open the Xbox setting, navigate the system lab, and select stores.
  2. Scroll to the right to select the internal drive, select the games you want to transfer, and click ‘transfer’ or press copy or move to initiate the transfer.

However, transferring time varies on the game’s file size, and now, after all this procedure, your games will be successfully transferred. Once completed, you can unplug your Xbox from the external drive.

How to move games to another drive:

In the world of games, you will need a lot more space to play all the games of your interest in spite of how heavy it will be. When your drive runs out of space, you’ll need to transfer your games to another drive with a lot more space. In this regard, SSD has a lot more space than other drives like HDD without even re-downloading them. It’s possible to transfer your games between different game clients like Steam and EA’s Origin.

Especially Steam, which fortunately makes it easy to transfer games with great comfort

Please follow these instructions as described below:

  1. In the sidebar of the main window, select Steam>settings in the upper left corner.
  2. Any folder on your system can be used as a secondary installation location.

You will now have the option to install a game to your pre-selected library folder when you install a game.

How to move games to another drive steam:

Heavy games like Fortnite and Call of Duty may require a lot more space, so in order to play good games having high graphics occupies a large amount of space, and it becomes necessary to shift them from one drive to another.

The following steps need to be followed:

  1. Click Library to open the game library.
  2. Right-click on the games you want to move
  3. Click “move install folder” under the local file tabs and click move folder” to move games from another drive.


Usually, a hard disk drive (HDD) is a storage device with a mechanical platter and moving head that accesses data. An SSD is a more advanced and faster type of storage device that instantly stores data on an accessible memory chip.

As HDDs do not have as many features as SSD, it is a lot cheaper in price, but with the advancement in the field of games, the prices of SSD are also decreasing. I mentioned the top 3 methods to move games from HDD to SSD. So, now I hope you know how to move game from HDD to SSD. Feel free to ask your queries in the comment section.