How To Reduce CPU Usage While Gaming?

CPU stands for central processing unit and the essential part of our computers. In fact, every mechanical device has its own CPU that controls all of its activities.

The CPU is the computer’s brain and contains the small chips responsible for running all the processes performed on your desktop.

With the advancement in the world of technology, gaming has become the biggest source of entertainment as well as money. Many people do live streaming to earn money, and the viewers also enjoy it like other baseball and football games.

There is a saying:

I want to be a gamer because nothing epic ever happens in life”

Playing games is not only a source of entertainment, but one can also play to reduce stress, and in this era, there is a plus point of earning money through it.

With this many updates in gaming, there is also much advancement in tools for gaming like graphic cards, gaming PC’s, Xbox, and other things like VR boxes. Many heavy games with high graphics have also been introduced like GTA, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Pubg, Fortnite, etc. Our modern generations are highly attracted to this world of gaming and many of them beyond the source of entertainment also know how to earn from these. 

Do you know: The world of gaming alone is giving us revenue of 90.7 billion U.S dollars annually.

In order to become a perfect gamer, you should cope with the high demands of games. And one of the most important things of all is to reduce CPU usage while gaming.

In fact, the most arising question for the gamer is how to reduce CPU usage while gaming?

How To Reduce CPU Usage While Gaming?

There are maybe multiple reasons for the increased CPU usage, and one has to reduce them to play with great ease and at their best.


A few of them may be given below;


Rebooting your device, it will help to clear out temporary files and help to renew your device with great speed.


Restarting the device will help close all the unnecessary files, which will ultimately decrease the load on your computer and speed up your game.

Closing unnecessary files:

Unnecessary files that open while gaming occupies more space, leading to increased CPU usage. Increased CPU usage will cause hurdles in gaming or slow down the speed. In order to speed up your game, you need to close all unnecessary files. These 3rd party applications running in the background really become an interference while you’re gaming.


The health of the computer plays a very important role in the computer’s activity. The slow speed of the game can also be the cause of some viruses, so you will need to remove it through Anti-virus tools.

Upgrade your Hardware:

When you apply all these procedures mentioned above and face the same problem, you should probably upgrade your hardware.

When you use an old version of your hardware, it cannot cope with the advanced features of new games, which ultimately slows down your game while playing. How To Free Up RAM On Mac – A Step By Step Guide

Close all power-saving mode:

As power saving mode saves your power, it also takes a lot more CPU usage. Before starting a game, you should close all power-saving modes, especially the battery. You can save your battery life by using power-saving mode, but at a great cost. It ultimately reduces the speed of the device and affects the app’s performance.

In-games settings:

In some cases, your device cannot cope with your game’s settings and will face problems while playing the game. You’ll need to renew your in-game settings in order to make your game in-compatible with the computer’s specifications.

Reinstall your game:

Over time a game can be corrupted which will cause issues leading to game crashes or ultimately increasing the usage of the CPU. So all you need is to reinstall your game in this situation.


GPU stands for “graphics processing unit”, and it is used to accelerate graphics rendering. GPU is ultimately faster than the CPU in speed, and to decrease CPU usage while gaming it is necessary always to start your game on GPU instead of CPU. How Much RAM Should I Allocate To Minecraft?

Reinstall GPU drivers:

Sometimes your GPU driver causes issues that slow down your CPU due to faulty graphics drivers, so all you need is to reinstall them for better performance.

Reinstalling Window:

At last but not least, when you have applied all the above-mentioned procedures and none of them works, you’ll need to reinstall your Window. It might be possible that your version of Windows expired so you’ll need to improve it by reinstalling it. 

How to reduce CPU usage on Windows 10?

If you’re a Windows 10 user, you might notice that your Window will be slowed down with the passage of time. This also happens due to multiple reasons, a few of them are mentioned below;

  1. Disable the super fetch feature which is part of Windows 10. It seems like a very helpful feature, but it can also overload your CPU. It observes your activities and gets an app ready before you even use them, but this feature also requires a lot of CPU usage. So in order to reduce your CPU usage, you will need to disable this feature.
  2. You can save your CPU usage by balancing your power plan. In power-saving mode, a lot of power is saved, but the CPU is used in return. So it is compulsory to disable this option.
  3. You will also require to adjust Windows 10 for better performance. For this procedure, you will need to go to the settings and click the option adjust for better performance”.

With all this procedure and as mentioned above, one can decrease the usage of CPU while gaming.

How to fix high CPU usage? 


High CPU usage is bad for the computer’s health, so it is a necessity to fix it.

The following methods can fix high CPU usage:

  1. Reboot
  2. Update drivers
  3. Reinstalling Window
  4. Disable background applications
  5. Disable battery saving mode
  6. Restart 
  7. Install Anti-virus applications

How to reduce CPU temperature while gaming?

Increased CPU usage will definitely cause the temperature of the CPU to rise, which will ultimately lead to a loss. 30°C- 40°C is the normal temperature at which a computer should work, and it can sometimes increase to 70°C- 80°C. But above this temperature will lead to system loss, so it is necessary to reduce CPU temperature while gaming, and it can be reduced by following methods;

  1. Your CPU contains several fans to decrease the produced heat energy, and when these fans are unable to perform, this will lead to severe damage. So it is necessary to keep the fans clean and upgraded.
  2. The health of your computer is very necessary, so it is an important factor to clean your computer internally. The dust collected in your CPU leads to inconvenient voices of fans. It could not work properly, leading to an increase in temperature while gaming. You can clean your computer with an air blower.
  3. It is necessary to open heavy games through GPU instead of CPU because more load on CPU leads to an increase in its temperature.
  4. Better vent flow in your computer leads to a decrease in CPU temperature. You should always make sure that all the vents are not covered, accumulating heat inside and fry your CPU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my CPU usage so high with nothing running?

When your computer shows no processing file, and CPU usage is still high, it might be due to the background processes. You have to scan your PC to make sure nothing is running to increase your CPU usage.
Another reason that may slow down your computer or increase your CPU usage might be an anti-virus tool working on your computer or a virus.


In this era of gaming, if you want to play a heavy or upto-date game you should also know its side effects and how to cope with them. How to reduce CPU usage while gaming, may be a common question for every game lover and they should know how to reduce it. Through this article, one should know the answer. In this article, I’ve shown you multiple ways to reduce CPU usage while gaming. If you have any queries, you can just ask below in the comment section.