Which PSU Cables Do I Need? [Guide 2023]

The first question that strikes when it comes to technology is what PSU cables I should need.

We are living in a modern world where technology is everywhere. We have all the devices that are connected to the internet. And if we have a good source of electricity, then it will help us to get all the necessary power for our devices.

If you are not aware of what PSU cables are, then it means that you haven’t used any device that uses PSU cables. But it doesn’t mean you need to buy a new one every time; you can use the same one you used for your old laptop.

It is pretty easy to understand if you don’t know what PSU cables are. They are cables that carry the power from the wall to the device. In general, these cables benefit the users because they will provide a stable electricity supply to the device.

The PSU cable is an essential part of a computer system, and it is because it directly impacts the performance of the device. And the quality of the cable will decide the performance of the device. 

You might wonder which PSU cables do I need for my laptop or PC. Let’s discuss;

Do I need all the PSU cables?

Which PSU cables do I need? The answer is simple; you need the compatible ones with your PSU and the motherboard.

If you want to buy PSU cables, then you must know about the types of PSU cables. Here are the five kinds of PSU cables that you must know about:

Modular PSU cables

Modular PSU cables are primarily used by gamers who use custom-made cases. It would help if you had the wires made for your motherboard and the topic you are using.

Internal PSU cables

Internal PSU cables are primarily used by those who don’t use a custom-built case and are compatible with the motherboard and your PSU.

External PSU cables

External PSU cables are mainly used by the people who use a standard case. These are the most common cables that you will get for your motherboard.

High-end PSU cables

These cables are made specifically for high-end gaming laptops, and many companies make these types of wires.

Modular power supply cables

These are cables that are used in custom-designed PCs and laptops. The modal PSU cables are usually made for the motherboard and the case you are using.

How to identify the practical cable for your laptop?

When we buy a laptop, there are many things that we must check before buying. I am sure you will agree that every computer is not equal to another one and each has its unique features.

Some laptop users will complain that the battery is not lasting and the laptop’s performance is not good enough.

When we talk about the laptop, I am sure you will feel irritated when you read that it has overheating problems.

So, it is essential to know the cable required for your laptop.

There are different types of cables that are used for laptops.

USB cable:

USB is one of the most common cables used for laptops. The USB cable can be found in two types.

One is USB 2.0, and the other is USB 3.0.

USB 3.0 will provide you with better performance, but it is costly.

The other USB 2.0 cable is quite valuable and cost-effective.

Now let us discuss how to identify the best USB cable for your laptop.

Identify the cable

It is essential to identify the type of cable that you will use for your laptop. The most common way to determine the thread is to look at the color.

All USB cables come in various colors, as we all know.

Black, white, yellow, and red are the most common colors for a laptop.

White and black are the most common colors for USB 2.0 cables, and red and yellow are for USB 3.0.

Check the length

The length of the cable should be checked. Some of the standard lines are not effective because they are too short.

It is vital to buy a cable that is longer than the laptop.

If you don’t check the length of the cable, then it will lead to overheating and performance problems.

Check the size

The cable size is one of the most critical factors for a laptop.

As the cable size varies, the laptop’s performance also changes.

So, it is vital to check the size of the cable, and you will find the best line for your computer.


I hope you liked this post about “Which PSU Cables Do I Need?”. We have discussed the different PSU cables you need, and I have also mentioned the one compatible with your motherboard and the PSU you are using.

Please comment below if you are still confused about the PSU cables.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cable do I need for a power supply?

The power supply requires two types of cables to operate correctly. These include the power cord and the ground cable. The power cord transfers power from the power source to the power supply, while the ground cable is responsible for providing the power supply with stable ground. It would help if you got these cables and your power supply.

Does it matter what PSU power cable I use?

This depends on the quality of the power cable you choose. It is advised to use low-quality cables for your solar power systems so that you can increase their lifespan. A good option for this is the Low-Eco Flexible Power Cable.

What cables do I need for a modular PSU?

You don’t need cables for modular PSUs, which will be enough to connect the power supply to your computer.

How do you match PSU cables?

You can match PSUs in several ways, but the most common method is to use a color-coding system. With this system, you can use a colored cable for each type of component in a power supply, making it easy to identify each wire and how they are connected.

What is the difference between Type 4 and Type 3 PSU cables?

Type 4 cables are the standard ones and can easily be identified by the green color of their outer casing. Type 3 cables are designed for desktop computers, and they have a smaller connector and can handle lower power requirements.