Why Is My CPU Cooler So Loud? [Facts 2023]

Most people have probably had the experience of returning from a trip away to find their computer running extremely hot. This can cause a massive problem for many people. When computers get too hot, it can mean that components such as CPUs, RAM, and other hardware parts can fail. When these parts fail, users often have to purchase replacement parts, which can be expensive.

If you’re experiencing issues with overheating your computer, it might be a sign of a more significant problem. Your CPU is running so hot could signal something wrong with your cooling system. If your cooling system is not working correctly, then there are ways to fix this issue, so read on to find out how you can solve this problem;

Why Is My CPU Cooler So Loud?

So without any hassle, let’s get a start;

How to choose a CPU cooler? Buying Guide

Have you ever wondered why your CPU cooler is so loud? Well, the answer is simple. When your PC is working, your CPU gets heated, and its temperature rises from 70°C to 90°C.

The heat is released through the exhaust fan and becomes the sound. The CPU cooler is the reason behind this noise because it cools down the CPU and removes the heat.

Here are the five reasons for choosing a CPU cooler.

Noise control

I would say the first and foremost thing is noise control. If your CPU cooler is quiet, then there is no need to worry about noise, and it is better to use a silent CPU cooler.

High efficiency

As I have already told you, your CPU is heated up to high levels, so your CPU cooler needs to cool down. If your CPU cooler is not efficient enough, then the heat will be released outside and will increase the temperature of your PC.

Better heat dissipation

Obviously, if the heat is dissipated correctly, it will not affect your CPU. In the case of a noisy CPU cooler, the heat will be dissipated through the noise. So, you will be able to save your CPU from overheating.


If you are a gamer, you will know that gaming is essential to your PC. So, it would help if you chose a quiet and efficient CPU cooler.


I don’t think you need any proof of the durability of a CPU cooler. Just check the reviews of the product, and you will get to know how durable it is.

How to make the CPU cooler quiet? Methods

A CPU cooler is an integral part of your PC and keeps your processor running smoothly without any glitches. But sometimes it becomes too noisy, which disturbs your whole setup.

So here I will explain how to make the noise from the CPU cooler a bit quiet.

Keep the CPU cooler in the dark and cool place.

The first method to make your CPU cooler and quiet is to keep it in a dark and cool place. This will prevent the fan from working hard, and the CPU will get enough cooling.

Keep your CPU cooler in a good case

Another effective way to make your CPU cooler quiet is to keep it in a good and proper case. If you don’t use a case, the CPU cooler will vibrate.

Use an Anti-Vibration Stand

Anti-vibration stands are the best way to make your CPU cooler silent. These stands will help the fan to stop making noise. The anti-vibration stands are made in such a way that it absorbs the vibration and noise.

Please keep it clean

Keep your CPU cooler clean from the dust. Dust accumulation will increase the noise level, and also it will affect the performance of the cooler.

Make Your Fan Speed Faster

If you are using a laptop, the fan speed will be automatically adjusted. But, the rate will be controlled independently when it comes to a desktop.

So, you will have to adjust the fan speed manually by changing the RPM. But, you need to understand that the fan speed is the number of revolutions per minute.

So, using a desktop, you will have to use RPM. The fan will run slower, and the temperature will be reduced.

But, the problem is that the fan speed will be lower, which will decrease your computer’s performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my new CPU cooler loud?

The fan is noisy because it needs to spin fast to dissipate your CPU’s heat effectively. The fan must work harder to circulate the air and cool the system if your CPU is clogged with dust and debris. Therefore, a new cooler will make your system run faster, but it will also make it much louder.

How can I make my CPU more relaxed and quieter?

To make your CPU more relaxed, you should look into cooling fans with low RPM or silent modes. You can also install a custom fan that uses a lower voltage, reducing noise and vibration.

Is it normal for a gaming PC to be loud?

Yes, gaming PCs are usually very loud. Some gaming PCs are louder than others, depending on the specs, size, and brand. But you can also decrease the speaker’s volume by reducing the input volume of the game or even turning it off altogether. If the PC is loud, it is because you have set the input volume too high, which increases the sound level of the speakers.

Does dust make a PC louder?

Yes, dust can make a computer system’s hard disk run slower, increasing the chances of data corruption and errors. If the problem persists, you should clean the drive using a specialized cleaning agent.


CPU coolers are essential to be used in modern-day PCs. But if your CPU is too hot, it will be useless. And you are worried about; why is my CPU cooler so loud? Then don’t dread yourself and look out to this post; you will be cleared about anything you want to know.


If you are searching for a silent and efficient CPU cooler, you should buy a cooling pad.